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    Bathroom Remodel Tampa

    The bathroom is where we start and end the day. It’s not just a necessity; it’s a major part of our homes. Although bathroom remodeling is a complex project, there is something about a remodeled bathroom with new appliances and fixtures, or maybe a completely new configuration that breathes life to the entire house. So, whether you need to update your existing bathroom, install a new master bathroom or add a new family bath, partner with Tampa Remodeling Pros to complete your project quickly, efficiently and with little disruption to your normal routine.

    The bathroom is a hub of activity, and you want everything in optimum working condition: faucets, outlets, toilets, tubs, showers, shower heads and moisture removing venting fans. Whatever project you need completed, we at Tampa Remodeling Pros promise to perform quality workmanship that is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction. We always take our time understanding your specific needs and expectations, after which we create a comprehensive working plan for the entire bathroom renovation process to ensure we meet them fully.

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    The process of remodeling your bathroom can be very exciting. It presents a chance for you to stretch your ideas while creating a perfect environment for your private get-away. We have a highly experienced and skilled team of artisans, who are equipped with the necessary expertise and knowledge to ensure the vision of your bathroom comes to life.

    Bathroom Remodel Tampa options

    Tampa Remodeling Pros will transform your bathroom to a comfortable, efficient and beautiful space. Below are some of the bathroom remodel options:


    We will install new countertops in your bathroom, to make this space more inviting and inspiring. Tampa Remodeling Pros offers quality countertop material and installation service. We sell and install solid surface, quartz and granite countertop materials that are available in various colours and edge options.


    Upgrade your bathroom by letting us install new flooring that rightly suits your family. We offer various flooring materials such as tile, laminate, resilient, luxury vinyl and carpet each with its own set of patterns and shades. While there are many factors available to consider for your flooring, we offer and install top brands as well as a free in home design consultation.

    Light Fixtures

    Brighten your bathroom by installing brand new lighting fixtures. Whether you wish to provide lighting to your shower or the whole bathroom, our professionals have the experience and knowledge to give this space just the perfect balance of light.

    Bathroom Fan

    Bathroom fans offer great protection against mildew and mold issues. Tampa Remodeling Pros remove old fans while replacing them with new fans. We will inspect the venting path for mildew and mold and, if need be, install new tubing. Our experts will help you to pick out the right bathroom fan, too.

    Shower and tub installation

    While showers and tubs are an important part of the bathroom renovation project, choosing the right ones is usually very tricky. You need them fitting into the available space and aligning with your design plan. Tampa Remodeling Pros has provides complete shower and tub installation and professional consultation services.

    Shower and tub liners

    Shower and bathtub liners are a fast, smart and reasonably cheap way of updating your bathroom’s look. We offer liners that are custom-manufactured to cover your current tub perfectly. They won’t peel, crack, rust, chip or mildew.

    Shower Door

    Need a new shower door or the current one fixed because it is off its track or hinges and leaking water? Our professionals will to arrive to your home on time and offer the necessary service.

    We offer the following shower door features, which you should keep in mind as you make your selection:

    1. Pivot versus slider doors – If you have a shower that’s 60 inches or more, you should choose slider doors which open and close behind one another. If you have shower that is 48 inches or less, you should choose a pivot door that swings inwards or outwards, and right or left.

    2. Framed versus Frame less doors – A frame will complement your décor while being available in various finishes. A frame less style on the other hand, is a more modern option that is easy to keep clean.

    Shower Head

    We install new shower heads and fix clogs, leaks, among other shower head issues. If your shower head requires replacement, we will get you a new one that works well with the current design of your shower and bathroom.

    Vanity & Bathroom Mirror

    You have picked out a new vanity. Whether it is been delivered or it awaits being picked from the store, Tampa remodeling Pros can take it up from there. We will remove the existing vanity, prepare space for the new dimensions, before expertly installing the vanity.


    If your toilet is part of the bathroom remodeling project, ensure you seek the professional Bathroom Remodel Tampa service to keep your toilet running smoothly while keeping any potential water damage at a minimum. Most homeowners go the DIY way when dealing with their toilet repairs or installations, but if you really wish to ward off future issues, leave the job to our professional plumbers.


    Tubs with faulty caulking allow water to go under the floors and behind walls, which damages wallboard and wood as well as the downstairs ceiling or basement. Restore your tub’s look, stop water damage and prevent mold with the professional caulking service offered by Tampa Remodeling Pros.

    Dry wall

    We will inspect your bathroom drywall if you suspect that it might have been damaged by moisture or leaking water, and fix it in a way that is seamless with your décor. We also assist homeowners to identify the underlying leakage source causing dry wall water damage in your bathroom.

    Having your bathroom set up exactly the way you needed it done makes all the difference. With the Bathroom Remodel Tampa service, you will finally have the remodel you have always wanted. Our remodeling contractors will work together with you each step of the way to ensure that our work reflects just what you originally had in mind.

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