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    One of the most effective ways to add style, functionality, comfort and added resale value to your home is with a bathroom remodel. The key to a successful bathroom remodel rests with hiring the right professional contractor. In the greater Tampa area, Tampa Remodeling Pros is the relied upon source to find qualified and experienced contractors for any bathroom remodeling project, regardless of size. Licensed, insured and bonded, the level of reliability and expertise brought to a project by Tampa Remodeling Pros ensures quality and timely results.

    Why Hire a Contractor for a Bathroom Remodel?

    For many people, the thought of hiring a professional contractor is not first on their list when they start conceptualizing the idea of a bathroom remodel. Initially, most people focus on what they want to create — the “look” that they want their bathroom to have, the fixtures, color scheme, etc. Some even consider doing a portion or all of the work themselves. While there is nothing wrong in having the “do-it-yourself” spirit, a bathroom remodel is a project that is far too involved for even the most proficient “do-it-yourselfer.”

    Successfully remodeling a bathroom, large or small, requires marshaling many different skill sets while coordinating them all to achieve the expected results on time and within budget. This is what the professional contractors at Tampa Remodeling Pros are experts at accomplishing.

    Attempting to undertake a bathroom remodel on your own can lead to more expensive rework and repairs down the road.

    What Does a Bathroom Remodeling Project Consist Of?

    The scope of a bathroom remodeling project involves different areas. It is not as simple as taking a picture from a home or architectural website and recreating it in your own home. The following are some of the top items that must be considered:

    Conceptualization and Design

    Every bathroom remodel starts with an idea, a look, a design that a homeowner wishes to explore. It is useful during this phase for the homeowner to gather sources for creative inspiration. Home design websites, magazines, pictures of bathrooms that they like, etc. From there, a more precise and detailed concept of the type of bathroom that the homeowner wishes to have takes shape.

    It is important to note that the expertise that a bathroom remodeling contractor can offer extends to this phase as well. Who better to help the homeowner to reconcile their concept to what is achievable than a professional contractor that has multiple years of hands-on experience in such projects. A contractor will be able to gauge the existing space, underlying condition and budget realities of the homeowner to offer insightful suggestions. Consulting with a contractor during the conceptualization phase is a wise and prudent move to get a bathroom remodeling project off the ground.

    Space Evaluation

    During the conceptualization phase the “sky is the limit” regarding design ideas on the part of the homeowner. One of the first steps in transitioning from concept to reality in a bathroom remodel is space evaluation. A professional contractor will look at the bathroom’s current layout and existing plumbing and electrical infrastructure in order to offer constructive input to the homeowner as to what can be accomplished under different scenarios. This is an invaluable resource for creating the final layout of a new bathroom.

    Does the homeowner want to expand the bathroom’s current dimensions? Are they aware of any rewiring or changes to plumbing lines that may be required? Will additional finishing work be required? These are but some of the more technical questions that can be answered by a professional contractor that will help the homeowner make a final decision as to what they want to accomplish with their bathroom remodel.

    Once that determination has been established by the homeowner, a Scope of Work (SOW) can be drafted that specifies what the contractor is accepting to undertake in the bathroom remodeling project.

    Fixture and Material Selection

    Essential to any bathroom remodel, apart from the layout, is the selection of fixtures and materials that are to be used. A professional contractor from Tampa Remodeling Pros can offer insightful suggestions based on the needs and concerns of the homeowner. Material and fixture selection should take into account cost, durability, and even ease of cleaning. A bathroom remodel contractor can offer a wealth of information regarding these considerations to the homeowner.

    The Stages of a Bathroom Remodel

    Once the design and layout have been finalized; the material and fixture selection has been completed; and the Scope of Work has been agreed upon, the bathroom remodeling project is ready to get underway. What should you expect once the work phase begins?

    While every bathroom remodel will have its own unique set of considerations, in general, the stages of work conducted by the contractor follow this pattern:


    Depending on the size and type of the remodel the demolition phase will vary in scale and duration. If few structural and fixture modifications are required, this may be accomplished within a single day. For larger projects demolition could take multiple days and require the presence of a roll-off dumpster for scrap removal.

    Roughing-in of Electrical and Plumbing Work

    Once the space that is being remodeled has been cleared of all unnecessary items, you will see work begin on the changes required to the existing electrical and plumbing installations in the bathroom. This could be to change the position of fixtures, add new fixtures, or to correct issues that were present prior to the initiation of the remodeling project.

    Fixture Installation

    This is usually one of the most exciting stages for the homeowner as it is when the bathroom remodel begins to take a more visually finished form. This is when the contractor installs all of the new fixtures that were selected. Bath tubs, sinks, showers, etc. It is when concept begins to take hold as reality.

    Cabinetry, Flooring, Painting

    Usually, the final stages of the bathroom remodel will include the flooring, tiling and cabinetry installation. The duration of this phase will also be contingent on the size of the project and the type of material that was selected.

    Painting, wall treatments and final cabinet finishing will usually indicate the wrapping up of the bathroom remodeling project. All that is left then is to take in the beautiful results that have been achieved.


    With a clearer understanding of what is involved in planning, preparing and realizing a bathroom remodel, the complexities of such an undertaking can be better appreciated. It is also makes clearer why the services of a professional contractor are so invaluable in such a project. Likewise, knowing what to expect can bring peace of mind in taking the plunge with a bathroom remodel. After all, as was mentioned at the beginning of this article, there is no better way to improve the style, functionality, and comfort of a home, while adding to its resale value, than with a well done bathroom remodel.

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